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Susan Lubner
children’s book author

A Horse’s Tale: A Colonial Williamsburg Adventure

Illustrated by Margie Moore

Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2008

ISBN-10: 0810994909

ISBN-13: 978-0810994904

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a note about the book:

One day my editor called me and asked me if I’d be interested in writing a picture book for Colonial Williamsburg. They wanted the book to feature characters that were first created as plush dolls. At first I thought hmmm…I don’t know much about Colonial Williamsburg!  Besides that, I had never written a story before where the main characters existed already as cute little plush dolls! But after some research and assurance from my editor that I would have lots of flexibility to be creative, I decided to write the book. I was thrilled that Margie Moore would be illustrating because I am a BIG fan of her work (Ruby’s Perfect Day and Bear of my Heart).

I wanted to make horses central to the story since they were so important in colonial times. The main characters of the story are Margaret the milliner, Ben the blacksmith and Garrick the gardener. I added a grocer, apothecary, 16 tailors (there were about that many in Colonial Williamsburg!) a music teacher, a town crier, and of course- two horses. 

“...just right to introduce very young

visitors to Colonial Williamsburg"

—Kirkus Review

“Hear ye, hear ye,”

Crier sang.

The horse let out a snort.

“Garrick’s horse is acting odd, I’m sorry to report!”

Garrick’s horse is feeling sad and acting out of sorts. Everyone in Colonial Williamsburg tries to cheer him up. Margaret the milliner sews a counterpane for the horse’s back, and Ben the blacksmith checks the horseshoes to make sure they aren’t on too tight. The grocer mixes oats and sugar, the apothecary stirs a special brew, and the music teacher sings a happy song. All the while, Town Crier keeps the folks of Colonial Williamsburg up-to-date on how the horse is fairing. But nothing seems to cheer the horse until… they all discover that friendship is the best cure.

A Horse’s Tale (written in rhyme) is a fun way for children to learn about life in colonial times. The book includes a glossary that highlights period words and terms.


“This book would make a nice introduction to Williamsburg for very young visitors.” Lucinda Snyder Whitehurst, St. Christopher’s School, Richmond, VA

—School Library Journal

"...lovingly recreates scenes featuring the historical buildings and the costumed folk of colonial Williamsburg...'


"...child-friendly illustrations and a bouncy rhyme, this is just right to introduce very young visitors to Colonial Williamsburg"

—Kirkus Review

For Grades K-1
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Colonial Cut and Paste Gamel
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For Grades 2-4
A Horse's Tale Word Search
Duke of Gloucester Street Mural 
Colonial Character Collage
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