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Noises at Night

Co-author Beth Raisner Glass

Illustrated by Bruce Whatley

Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2005

ISBN-10: 0810957507

ISBN-13: 978-0810957503

Noisy Criss-Cross Puzzle
Nighttime Word Search
Noises at Night Activities

*Featured on the Today Show as a "best book for young children"

"A great book for children." The Detroit Free Press

Noises at Night received the award for most creative picture book

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"Booom, Booom

rumbles thunder,

my ears start to ring,

A drum roll is playing,

I'm ready to swing!

I take a deep breath then I grab the trapeze,

I glide through the

air as I hang from

my knees."


Noises at Night is available as a selection on Levar Burton’s Reading Rainbow App for iPad. Here’s a clip below:

When a little boy can't fall asleep, he imagines all of the late-night noises in his house as extraordinary adventures. With illustrations by the illustrator of the best-selling Diary of a Wombat, the outlandish images of bedtime dreams are brought to life.

“… This book is an entertaining tuck-in read, and may also comfort young children who fear nighttime noises.”

—Zarina Mullan Plath ©2005 Parents' Choice

“This tale is a wonderful way to ease bedtime fears and may even result in children creating their own soothing game.”

—Kirkus, October 1, 2005

" Readers with nighttime anxieties may well find this story's playful coping strategy a helpful model."

—Publisher's Weekly, August, 2005

“This, the first book from Beth Raisner Glass and Susan Lubner, will leave parents eagerly awaiting the next.”

Lifestyle & Art, September 28, 2005

—Bangor Daily News

“A bedtime story with a new twist, told in jaunty rhymed couplets…it is a welcome departure from the formula.-Rachel G. Payne, Brooklyn Public Library, NY

—School Library Journal, September 2005

"I love "Noises at Night" by Beth Raisner Glass and Susan Lubner…”

Michele Siuda Jacques reviews books for the Detroit Free Press


a note about the book:

Beth and I met many years ago in a writers group. Knowing that I often use rhyme in my stories, she had asked me if I would help her rewrite a story she had been working on, Noises at Night. Beth had thought of the idea for the story a few years before when her young son was frightened by some noises he heard in his new house. I took her rhyming version of Noises at Night home and rewrote a new rhyming version of my own. Then together, we added new verses, changed around other verses, tweaked, polished and fine- tuned until we felt it was just right.

On March 31, 2004, Beth and I received the good news that Abrams wanted to publish our book!
I was so excited… and glad that we got the news that day rather than the next day. The next day of course was April 1.  My family and friends would never have believed my good news if I had called them about it on April Fool’s Day!
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A Note:

This favorite is no longer available to purchase new but you might find it on Amazon or at your local library.

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